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Stopping Textual putting a space after tab completion

Posted 2016-02-28

How to stop Textual (an IRC client on OS X) inserting a space after a nickname when you tab-complete.

Streaming audio from Linux to Windows

Posted 2015-05-31

Having multiple PCs all needing to play audio is a pain - especially when you use a headset.

This is how I stream audio from my NUC - running Linux - to my Windows desktop - where the headset is plugged in.

New website

Posted 2015-05-23

After a very long delay, I've finally got around to creating a new website for myself!

Using an OpenPGP Smart Card on Mac OS X

Posted 2015-05-22, revised: 2016-10-01

I no longer use this OpenPGP card or this setup - I'll do a writeup of my new setup shortly.

I use an OpenPGP smart card with a Gemalto IDBridge K50 USB card reader.

This post details how I configure my Mac OS X install for SSH authentication using the smart card.